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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  July 27, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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investigators are still out here on the scene of an early- morning fatal accident. how it will affect the morning commute. a san jose boy walking his dog becomes the target of a violent attack. the latest from fairfield after a six-alarm fire at a plastics plant. we'll tell show you the -- we'll show you the damage. and it's happened again. a cruel crime in a bay area cemetery. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2."
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i'm dave clark. >> i'm claudine wong. tori campbell has the day off. it's wednesday, july 27th. it could still be a while before an interstate 880 offram reopens. that's because police are still investigating the accident there. ktvu's paul chambers has been there all morning long and has more on what led up to the crash. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. it's been five and a half hours, as you said. and they are still out here looking at the crash scene. officers are conducting an investigation after a teenaged driver died after a chase with chp. now, officers say around 1:20 this morning, they tried to pull over a 19-year-old man at the intersection of international for driving recklessly and weaving. instead of obeying the chp officers, he sped off, later getting on the 880 northbound. when the driver exited from the freeway at the 29th street offramp, he crashed. officers say he was not wearing
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his seat belt and he was partially ejected from the car and alcohol may be related. >> it appears to be alcohol- related. we did find open containers inside of the vehicle. our officers also smelled the odor of an alcohol beverage on the person of the driver. >> reporter: now, this was the car that was involved in the accident. the investigators are still looking it over. the driver was taken to the hospital where he died. we know he's a 19-year-old latino male from oakland. we are waiting to confirm his identity with the coroner's office. now, the offramp still remains closed as they are conducting interest investigation. it's still unclear how long it will be -- conducting their investigation. it's still unclear how long it will be closed. when it reopens, we'll bring you that. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, paul. thank you. 7:02. well, police are investigating an attack on a 13-year-old boy in san jose who was walking to a park with a friend and with a
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dog. this happened late monday afternoon in the well- maintained ericsson park. it's surrounded by what is considered to be a safe neighborhood. the young man told his father he made eye contact with the driver in a green car and the next thing he knew, two people were coming at him asking him if he was in a gauge. when he answered no -- gang. when he answered no. they started to hurt him. the young boy is suffering injuries to both of his kidneys but we're told he's recovering. an investigation is underway into two shootings a mile apart from each other overnight. a man was shot in the head around 47th and san leandro street. he was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the other shooting happened around 11:00 last night at east 10th and portwood avenue. we have few details. but police believe the female
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victim is an innocent bystander. no word on her condition and no arrests have been made. kenneth harding died earlier this month in the bayview district as police tried to stop him for fare evasion. police say he fired first and then died by his own bullet. at the time he was wanted in seattle in the interest of a murder of a little girl. now, it turns out harding's 21- year-old brother is also wanted in seattle for the murder of a 50-year-old man last saturday. the attorney says the brother is expected to surrender to police soon. vallejo's police department will get some much-needed money. last night the city council unanimously accepted a grant from kaiser foundation hospitals. the money goes to recruits as well as hire one police officer. that grant may also lead to federal funding for the crime unit that targets drugs and prostitution in north vallejo.
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in washington, house republicans postponed a vote on john boehner's debt ceiling plan until tomorrow. coming up at 7:15, we'll get a live report from washington with what they are calling a math error that's causing the delay. this morning, there are still a few hot spots from that huge fire at a plastics plant in fairfield. ktvu news was the first to bring you live pictures of the story as it unfolded yesterday. jade hernandez is at the fire scene right now. and jade, what are investigators saying this morning? >> reporter: well, they are still trying to figure out the official cause. claudine, we can tell you that the macro plastics spokesperson said this plant is fully ontational this morning, that the flames didn't -- operational this morning. that the flames didn't destroy anything on site. i can tell you the bins and right next to the bins, there is a huge pile of melted bins. that's the damage that was left behind in this six-alarm fire.
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we just spoke to a representative from the city of fairfield. she had a lot to say about this six-alarm blaze. >> if you have never seen an emergency response, i -- i wouldn't wish it on anyone, to have to be in the middle of it. but the help from travis air force base, sue soon city, vacaville everyone in the surrounding areas, solano county and our folks leading the charge, it was an absolutely great opportunity yesterday. and no stone was left unturned in my estimation. >> reporter: the bins burned inside of the yard at the time -- inside the yard at the time the winds spread. the wind did not spread which the agencies are crediting for not more of a fallout. the plant is two miles from travis air force base and the huge plume.
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black smoke could be seen from fairfield all the way to sacramento. three manufactures -- firefighters were hurt. it appears an employee cleaning out a bin with some type of blowtorch sparked the flame. newschopper 2 can show you the inintensity of flames. solano county health officials reported no smoke-related injuries but residents within a mile and a half of the blaze were cautioned to stay inside until 6:00 last night. environment health officials checked storm drain damage. this is the plant behind macro plastics. you can see where it's melted -- in fact, you can see some of the fence is smoldering this morning. that's some of the damage left behind. none of the buildings at the plan were damaged.
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right now this -- at the plant were damaged. right now this plant is fully operational. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. 7:07. an east palo alto plan is accused of attacking a driver who hit his dog. the dog owner, 20-year-old eduardo ruiz, ran up, caught up with the car at a stop sign. police say he smashed the car window, opened the car door, pulled the driver into the street and began punching him. the dog was not on a leash and had run out into the streets. now, ruiz claims the driver was speeding at the time. that driver has not been reached -- arrested. participants are encouraged to vote for their favorite park in the coca-cola park campaign. the winning park will receive as much as $100,000 in grants
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the you can submit governor vote at the link -- submit your vote at the link, which will be at let's see how we're doing in the commute. >> hello, dave. >> hello, claudine. >> hello. >> how are you doing? >> pretty well. traffic is doing pretty well. we do have some slowdowns, but they are typical. you can see 237. if you watch every day, you know that traffic is going to be slow here. yesterday, we will a horrible accident on 237 and people were stuck in traffic for a very long time but this morning, there's none of that all of the lanes are open. right now, traffic is -- i think i used the word "none" incorrectly. 8 0 northbound, traffic looks good -- 88 northbound, traffic looks good. that ramp closure will stay closed for another hour.
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we'll let you know when that happens. the police are doing an investigation. so far it's not affected the freeway up north. and the traffic is butcy coming in from pin -- busy coming in from pinole. we had an accident near marinwood. that's not a major thing. 7:09. let's go to steve. good morning, sal. a lot of sunshine here. there's still some fog. there's a lot of fog on the coast. we even have some rover -- over san pablo. just heard from our observer. everything has been dominated by the west coast. it's been there for the longest time for about -- almost off and on for their three months. once that kicks out -- kicks out, that allows the high to
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building in. the low finally kicked out. we have more fog than low clouds. it kind of squashes it and gives us warmer air aloft. so low 90s for some that have been in the low 80s a couple of days ago. 59 for fair field. 60 mountain the view. 56 san jose. the only wind is really fairfield west-southwest at 12. that's not much. everyone else is calm. when it's calm at this time, that's a sign. but not the coast. tropical clouds later in the week. we'll keep an eye on that. they would move into the sierra and the southern part of our viewing area lodge before they reach here. the end result is that longer temperatures begin to kick in. it's near average. fog gives way to sun. it will be warmer. that fog burns off fast.
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a light northerly breeze. there's really not a strong breeze. napa will go 85. novato 85. clear lake, 95. maybe near 100 tomorrow. 90 -- 94 antioch, brentwood. 75, oakland. walnut creek, 88. dan victim's 90. pleasanton close, 90 to 92, gilroy. los gatos -- 85. redwood city upper 70s. woodside, 84. half moon bay we'll go 67 and 6 in the city. tomorrow i -- 68 in the city. we'll take this into the weekend. 7:12. and is al qaeda on the brink of being defeated? what u.s. officials are saying about the future of that terrorist organization. take a look at this. here's what a million dollars looks like in stacked hundred-
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i'll say good morning. blue sky and some very low fog will give way too sunshine and warmer inland temperatures, upper 80s, low 90s. by the coast and around the bay i think we're still dealing with 60s and 70s. u.s. counterterrorism officials say they are increasingly convinced that al qaeda is on the blink of collapse. they say the kill of osama bin laden and seven years of cia drone strikes on al qaeda hideouts in pakistan has significantly weakened that terrorist organization. view is that now al qaeda's offshoot in yep isn't a greater threat than that -- yemen is a greater threat than that on the
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afghanistan/pakistan border. the committee chairman says more than 40 americans have been recruited by al qaeda- linked terror otherses. otherses -- organizations. house speaker john boehner is delaying a vote on his rescue plan. ktvu's alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom to explain this vote delay. alison. >> reporter: dave, that's right. speaker boehner is being forced to rewrite his plan because none partisan numbers will not produces the deficit savings that the speaker promised. president obama promised to veto that plan anyway, but this
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is another setback with just six days to go. we were in several congressional offices yesterday where phone and e-mail systems were overloaded with people weighing in. democrats are railing against republican plans to cut the deficit with no dax increases. >> they don't just want to make cuts. they want to destroy. they want to destroy food safety, clean air, clean water, the department of education. >> and while conservatives say the cuts in speaker boehner's plan don't go far enough, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell is emphasizing the need to strike a deal. >> we cannot get a perfect solution from my point of view controlling only the house of representatives. >> reporter: now, the congressional budget office -- this is also new this morning -- released another report. this one on senate democratic leader harry reid's plan saying his plan, which a longer-term
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plan, which actually save three times as much as speaker boehner's. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> sometimes it's hard to visualize millions, billions, trillions of dollars. but maybe this will help. first, you're looking at $1 million in stacks of $100 bills. now, take a look at what the u.s. national debt will look like by christmas day of this year unless the government trims it. $15trillion in $100 bills stacked up as high as the statue of liberty and as wide as a football field. you can find out a lot more about the debt crisis at just go to it and look for the debt crisis tab. it's right on the front page. we also have a countdown clock to that deadline. jerry brown has nominated a u.s. law prose fer to become the next state justice.
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-- professor to become the next justice. if confirmed, he would replace carlos moreno, retiring justice. a democratic congressman from illinois has been arrested during a protest for a second time in just over a year. take a look at congressman luis gutierrez. he's being escorted away in handcuffs. he was part of the group protesting the deportation of illegal immigrants outside of the house yesterday. police arrested about a dozen other people. gutierrez was released. he paid a $100 fine. he was also arrested during a similar immigration protest last year. the state of a former police officer charged with conspiracy is in the hands of a jury this morning. deliberations started in the trial of clay hoe haas. he's accused of providing --
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clay rojas. he's accused of providing confidencal information to the hell's angels to pay off their debt. the man who produced bay area's 2009 exotic erratic ball is facing fell know charges -- charges -- felony charges. he's accused of writing bad checks. police say he wrote more than $10,000 worth of bad checks to cover the ball. he's out on bail and is due back in court next month. tomorrow, the board of bbc will meet. the meeting is crucial for james murdoch. he's the coo and the chairman. he's the one who had attempted to orchestrate -- that attempted to orchestrate the $12 billion takeover. there are questions whether he will remain chairman. right now, as we speak, fire investigators in fairfield are holding this news
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conference about that huge plastic plants fire that started yesterday afternoon on huntington drive near travis air force base. let's listen -- let's listen in. >> we've had fire cuts. >> did that affect debting water on it? i heard -- getting water on it? i heard there were like three hydrants. >> we had in addition to that crash truck units. they are what supplieses the a- fff foam. >> can you describe any on sta kems that you ran into? we did have -- on that skims that you ran into it -- onty kells. -- obstacles that you ran into.
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>> well, our goal was to maintain the property. we were able to do that. we did not have any injuries and we're very closed -- pleased with that. we had three minor injuries to firefighting personal. they were treated on scene. >> and again, no environment hazards to be worried about? >> not that i'm aware of. the actual test results have not been returned but i'm sure you can check in with them later on today. >> all right. you've been listening live at the fairfield news conference about the update on the fire this morning. we'll go back there for a live report coming up in a few minutes. we'll take a break and be right back.
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welcome back. for the second time in a month, thieves have vandalized and stolen items from a cemetery in napa. someone smashed dozens of glass
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nishe boxes. those are the boxes that honor the dead with personal keepsakes. it won't be known exactly what was stolen until relatives are notify. in a previous -- notified. in a previous incident, 25 boxes were smash and items of sentimental value were taken. police believe it's the work of a same person. the mausoleums will be locked up on the weekends and the cameras will be installed. the. 18-year-old victor martin suffered a bite wound to his ankle from a grizzly bear. the wildlife officials say they spare that bear's life because he was in a remote part of the wilderness and he was protecting a cub. all right. let's check in with sal. >> we do have some traffic on a normal commute day. but we haven't had a lot of
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major crashes, things that are blocking things for an extended number of times. it's still okay as we move along to the south bay. most of the roads are doing well with slowdowns. let's take a look at interstate 8 0, a little bit more -- 8 a -- 880, a little more overcraft. 880 northbound as you pass 29th, you won't be able to take that offramp as they do an investigation. it should be open in minutes according to championship and southbound 101 in marin county is very slow right -- if you are driving on highway 4 most of it is slow from antioch to con -- condord. let's go to steve.
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from sonoma coast south, a lot of fog, fog, fog. upper 50s already. a couple of low 60s. the inland temperatures have been coming up about two to four degrees each day. the coast, i think think -- i don't think will get warmer. some of the fog there is getting rather thick. 60s, 70s and 80s and now low edmund 90s if you are out -- low 90s if you are up there. maybe some tropical clouds it will be warm as we go into the weekend. but i think we top out on friday and saturday. the san francisco robbery that is bad news for roller derby fans. the nonprofit league that lost all of its cash onhand. >> reporter: what's gonna
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happen to the animals at an east bay shelter if the shelter is forced to close its doors for -- close its doors.
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an urgent call this morning to animal lovers. a no-kill shelter in the east bay may have to close its
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doors. kraig debro is live in pleasanton with the last-minute effort to save the valley humane society's shelter. >> reporter: the shelter operators are telling me right now, it doesn't open for a couple of hours but if they don't get the money they need to stay open, it may be one of the last times it opens here. >> here is squirmy. >> reporter: ack jan jackson -- action jackson. >> action jackson. >> reporter: the out the rainers say they need -- the operators say they need $125,000 to keep it that way. the president says they will have to close the center by that deadline because they are out of money. the building just opened a month ago. in 2003, local educators joyce kieler passed away and lift the society and -- and left the pull bull -- left the bulk of
7:32 am
her estate to the shelter. that went to building the building. >> if we hadn't built the building, we wouldn't have been able to handle the animals that needed help. it's a catch 22. i think we did the right thing and i know the community will come out and ten us -- and help us through these difficult times. >> reporter: rice says donations are down and prices for food and other items are up. if the -- if the building has to close, the animals would be taken to other animal rescue outfits. none of them would be euthanized. >> kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:32. a massive show of police force in the east bay. fremont and oakland police took part in a joint operation in east oakland. around 10:30 last night, two armored vehicles moved in and
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raided a home on denslow. no details on who or what the officers were looking for. 7:32. one of the police officers involved in the recent fatal shooting in the san francisco civic center b.a.r.t. station may soon become an fbi i gent -- agent. the video was released this month. officer james crowell was one of two who con fronted a -- confronted a homeless man and the officers say the man was forced to shot when threatened with a knife. the fbi reports that they've already hired officer crowell and he hopes to join the fbi very soon. two neighbors in martinez are being credited this morningle for helping save a nine -- morning for helping save a neighbor in a us who -- in a house fire. they went there, pushed the
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door down and got him out. firefighters say they think the man fell asleep while smoking in bed. a security camera captured a bold bible the theft but it shows the thief and the two people who tried to do this. if you encounter a mountain lion, you are advised to face the animal, make plenty of noise and try to -- to look big by waving your homes. yesterday, the judge in the naso case said he needed to see documents before making a decision. he says he's been unable to access his bank accounts and a lawyer won't help him for free. 7:34. police in hayward believe the
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man arrested for indecent exposure last week may be a repeat offender. all they are saying is he's an after a.m. in his 20s -- he's an african- american man in his 20s. 5 f 5", 130 pounds. police say he's been served in five other similar -- involved in five other similar incidents. part after train station in oslo, norway have reopened after a suspicious bag was found. police shut down the area where the buses leave for the airport. after an abandoned suitcase was found. it was checked out and it was deemed harmless. now, that investigation into the bombing and the shooting is focused on this
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farm used by the gunman. the confessed gunman. just hours ago, investigators -- and you heard the controlled explosion -- they set off a device found there at the farm. police say the confessed gunmen used the location as a cover to buy more than six tons of fertilizers for its buns. now the police will investigate how much he's -- how much he's -- the killing. there's still some uncertainty connecting this. >> police in norway are releasing the names of the people killed in the plaza kerr. a 43-year-old mom from denmark. norway aprime minister saying his country will recover and his country is not afraid of further violence. a legal roller derby seen
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lost its entire reserves. two skaters had thousands of dollars of cash when they were robbed. the league plans to raise money through denations and a fund- raiser. yesterday during work at a home on mikak drive, and the man was working with a cement mixer where his hand got stuck. he was taken to the hospital where one of fingers was amputated. a father is burn on los kye otis indian -- los coyotes. oakland mayor jean quan visited the oakland waterfront with a acceptor -- developer to
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survey land. the so-called brooklyn basin near fifth street is one of six sites by the lab. tonight, representatives will present information about the possible developments during a public meeting at jack london park. we have an update this morning about the whiles that have been drapped -- trapped in the clam act river. yesterday, efforts to get them out, well, they failed. rescuers tried to help. this morning an electric billboard at the marin county civic center is working normally after being vandalizized. early sunday morning, a motorist called 911 after looking at the boardary soo -- board and seeing a four-letter
7:39 am
expretty. officials say someone broke into the building -- building and hacked into the computer program that sends messages to the board. >> and muni will be hosting a meeting tonight on next month's partial closing of the n-judah line it's an $1 million project. it starts in february. the meeting tonight will take place at the park branch library at 6:00 tomorrow. 7:39. let's go -- let's go out to sal. how do you think we're doing? >> moderately well. i don't want to mislead you. we don't have any major crashes for our commute. i want to show you some of the things on the map, bay bridge. your camera has been moving, so if you notice when they finish
7:40 am
building that billing, they will put the camera back up. there's also showing -- slowing on the incline section of the bridge as we take a look at hayward traffic. if you drive from hayward to freemont, a couple of slow traffic on the way down. a almost bit worse than it normty 5 0 westbound at greenville. another crash there. we've had a couple of fender- benders but they are slowing traffic down. out to live pictures. this is a look at 287. we have stop and go traffic. yesterday was such a horrible day today. this moving's commute is slow on 2 0 northbound and also on 85 northbound. 280 from downfound, as you can see. >> 7:40. let's go to steve. well, temperatures will start to come up. some of it has made it inland
7:41 am
tad -- inland today. but the fog you noticed is a little on the fog category and the low clouds and it just flew out to the sacramento valley. that's probably max itself out. there is the case for inland areas. everyone has been removing another another low dropping into the pave most. when we're call, so more fog than clouds. the sleeping weather has been outstanding. a lot of 60s, 70s, closer to it. it looks like we'll get a little warmer away from the coast over the next three to four days. and then the next week, first week in august looks cooler. mostly sunny, warm to hot.
7:42 am
the mostly sunny might also include a few high clouds coming up to build back in. a north wind is trying to scattered shower things out but it stephanopolouss around the men doe see know coast. >> , everybody has to deal with fog. 5 -- 52 to 62. there's not much of a breeze at all. the one system that moved out, we'll have to wait for another one. actually, the pattern has changed a little bit. there are signs that it will gradually carve itself out. the next couple of days hoop -- that allows inland temperatures to warm up. still 60s and 70s close to the water's age. pog rather thick and notes. with just the minute of a north win wind. st. helena in there and
7:43 am
fairfield. we'll go mid os. 921 that -- 90 pug almost -- 9 -- mid-90s. saratoga, 84. woodside, 84. low -- low 80s. morning fog will be better thicker, inland temperatures will be coming up a little bit. 7:43. the state supreme court is taking -- making it easier for california taxpayers to get money back if they had pay an inceil lox chalk -- insent in. -- an ininsent ev-- incentive.
7:44 am
governor brown is defending his veto for legislation that would have provided funding for adult day-care programs cut. heed you promised oh,s would be find for those who need it. they predict many of the clients will end up in nursing facilities with their children. raiders training camp is set too start today. what the team said they had to to do make that happen and what players are staying sash -- are saying about the talks.
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ouch. take a look at the numbers. the market's been open more than an hour. stocks are falling as lawmakers remain at odds about how to avoid a default. dunkin' donuts starting to trade today. that will happen today. everyone is watching their ipo this morning. right now, a hearing of the senate finance committee in washington, d.c. the committee has invited ceos to talk about how the tax code affects hiring businesses and effect growth. among the witnesses will be the ceo of walmart. the government says orders for long-lasting items dropped 2.1% in june. orders for commercial aircraft, cars and heavy machinery showed the biggest deyou -- showed the biggest decline. clorox has rejected a $10.7 billion for the -- offer for
7:48 am
the company. they called the latest offer inaccurate. the bidder already owns 9% of the stock. the nfl lockout is over, which you know, and pro football here in the bay area is getting back to business. the oakland raiders report to training camp in napa this morning. they will be making up for lost time. and the raiders only have 16 days to get ready for this their first -- for their first preseason game. i think the outside world, they really didn't know about thed about part. they really like the games, watching sports, seeing the highlights and stuff. same with me. but you know, the business part had tonic taken care of and the -- had to be taken care of. >> now, football fans don't appear to be holding gruns. ticketmaster sales jumped 332% on monday. it's a bold crime and it
7:49 am
was caught on tape. want to show you that video which shows two people trying to stop a would-be bike thief in san francisco. take a look at that. this is from a security camera which captured the entire incident in progress. he gets on that bike, but look, a woman and young man, who also tried to stop him, he did run away on foot, as you can see right there. there's still no word whether the police tracked him down. only on 2 a man claims he's the victim of a hate crime. police released this cell phone video taken last month. it shows the alleged victim naked getting pushed by man and punched by another. david stevenson talked to the 36-year-old victim. police asked us not to show his face to prohealth him -- to protect him from possible retaliation. >> you don't remember being hit in the face? >> i don't remember being hit at all, which makes me sick.
7:50 am
>> the man officered -- suffered a con dugs and -- concussion. san francisco police are investigating this case as a hate crime. officers have releasedleasedleased this foe an individual that they believe threw the punch and are hoping someone will come forward. a federal panel found there's not enough evidence to say that dust and smoke caused cancer during the 911 attacks. it means they don't qualify for federal health benefits, at least until more studies are done. 7:50. a big money battle involving video games. people who have never played a single game could end up paying. plus -- a practice wheel behind the wheel goes terribly
7:51 am
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7:52 an out of control driving student shuts down the dmv after crashing into the building. this is in roseville. the dmv says the young driver hit the gas instead of the brake. luckily, no one was hurt. and look at this destruction in western massachusetts. a huge storm that blew through that area. residents say it started with hail and followed by strong winds and a lot of rain. the storm knocked down power lines, damaged homes, knocked down part of a four-story factory. the downtown streets were blooded -- flooded and the basement of some buildings were flooded as well. a federal judge has ruled that customers can seem up and sue a san francisco-based bank
7:54 am
for the overdraft fee policy. the u.s. judge named four representatives to represent officials suing union bank. the case claims the bank slam consumers were unfair overdraft fees and manipulated the -- and manipulated the order in which checks were processed. california taxpayers could end up paying more than $1 million in legal fees run up by the video game industry. that's what video gamemakers have already paid attorneys who defended or selling violent video games to people under 18. gamemakers are asking the court to have california pay all of the fees. that's just the amount for 2010. amount for 2011, is still being calculated.
7:55 am
ebay is booting the annual forecast because of preorders on battlefield iii. crash said we just had a crash in oakland. where was this. >> this was 880 northbound. right at -- in fact, you can see it here with the camera. now there's a fire truck that just pulled up and is blocking the two left lanes. it's a motorcyclist down here. at first all we saw was the motorcyclist. but just recently the fire department arrived and they blocked yet another lane. and also if you look at the -- if you look on the left, that's southbound 880 traffic. people are slowing down even though none of the lanes are blocked. this is merely a look over the side of the freeway for this crash. the traffic is going to be busy as you drive northbound. in fact, it's backing up all the way out to san leandro. i think you should use 580 instead. let's take a look at oakland
7:56 am
here come in from -- coming in from berkeley to oakland. traffic is pretty slow. it's made traffic at the toll plaza light, though. as you look at the nimitz freeway between hayward and fremont. it's terrible. you drive from hayward to frommont on 0 south -- 880 south, you need more time. let's go to steve. all right. sal, thank you. we have sun for some. there's a little bit of fog out there. it's getting closer to being on the ground. once it burns off, we'll start to warm up. 64 already in fairfield. there's not much of a sea breeze. so that's going to play in a warmer forecast. there's much warmer air aloft, a sign the i high -- the high is billing in for afternoon highs away from the coast. i still think 60s, 70s coast and bay will find upper0s and low to mid 90s. this pattern will take us into the weekend as well.
7:57 am
it looks like we'll warm up to mid-90s as we go into friday and saturday. next week does look cooler. san francisco gets ready for the super bowl of sailboat racing. but now organizers could be sailing into some rough waters. >> reporter: the offramp has reopened but investigators are still out here for an early- morning fatal accident. i will have the details coming up.
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7:59 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm claudine wong in for tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, july 27th. well, just about 30 minutes ago, the chp reopened that offramp of interstate 8 0 that was close -- 880 that was closed for hours. paul chambers has been there all morning and he's back now with the latest on everything. paul? >> reporter: good morning, dave. as you said, it's reopened. you can see a tow truck driver is getting ready to remove the car involved in the accident. it's an accident where a teenaged driver may have been drinking. it resulted in the diver dying in the crash. now, officers say around 1:20 this morning, they tried to pull over the 19-year-old man
8:00 am
at international and 55th avenue. the chp says the driver was driving recklessly and weaving and instead of pulling over as they instructed, he sped off. >> the drivers enters north interstate 80 and attempted to -- 880 and attempts to exit. he ended up colliding behind me. >> reporter: now, officers say the driver is 19 years old, latino, from oakland. he was partially ejected from the car because he was not wearing a seat belt. he was taken to the hospital where he died. we do have the identity of him but we're waiting to confirm it from the coroner's office. now, officers believe alcohol may have played a role in the crash because they could smell it and found open bottles in the vehicle. now, back here drive, 880 is still open. but you can see there's still officers out here. this intersection is behind east 8th street.
8:01 am
that's still closed while officers conduct their investigation. they plan to have that open within the next hour. live in oakland, i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you for the update. an alcohol -- and alcohol may have contributed to a crash that injured a veteran police officer. it happened last night at 11:20 on foothill and 23rd avenue. authorities say the driver of a chrysler 300 sedan ran a red light and rammed into a squad car. a female driver on the force for 20 years went to the hospital. police say they smelled alcohol on the break of the other driver. last year's san bruno pipeline disaster has a lot of people worried about natural gas lines running under their homes. but privately-owned petroleum pipelines, that's a similar threat. five people died in this explosion five years ago. a state law requires the owners of liquid pipelines provide
8:02 am
maps of the lines of local officials. now, the san bruno explosion is hurting. pg&e's financial standing the fitch credit rating agency lowered its outlook on pg&e from stable to negative. it's blaming a slide in consumer confidence as well as the unknown fines and costs relate toad last year's disasters. for now, pg&e retains an a- minus investment rating but the negative outlook may signal it may be downgrading. family and friends of michelle le will hold a coastline $-- coastline coastline vigil. police are investigating this case as a homicide. they are expected to speak at the vigil. it starts at 6:00 at tennyson road and hesperian boulevard. san jose immigration advocates are still trying to get the city to get rid of the
8:03 am
-- to rid the -- to rid those who are here illegally and immigration agents are upset because two i.c.e. agents are working with the police department. they say inknow sent people will be deported but -- innocent people will be deported. house republicans have postponed a vote on house speaker boehner's proposal. we'll have a look at the math error that's causing deet lay. well, ktvu brought it to you -- delay. well, ktvu brought it to you live. investigators just ended a news conference on that huge fire at that plastics plant in fairfield. jade hernandez was there with the very latest on what came out from that news conference. jade? >> reporter: that's right. the city's fire marshal updatedden us -- updated us on the fire investigation and this is what we've learned.
8:04 am
air and water -- water samples were taken but they are not back yet. fair field's firefighters did not have to post a fire watch overnight. in fact, by 11:00 last flight, they extinguished the last of flames. by midnight the fire department handed the facility back over to macro plastics where the fire started yesterday afternoon. the company aspokeswoman told us this morring that the plant is fully operational. i want to bring you back out live here because the fire did not damage any of the buildings but it did melt shouses -- but it did melt thousands of bins. right next to a pile, a melted pile of those bins. five acres burned with an estimated of 20 bins. here's the fire marshal. >> you may have seen in some of the footage yesterday that it
8:05 am
was actually cryating -- creating its own wind and the heat was sucking plastic bins into the fire. and newschopper2 was in the sky shortly after the fire broke out around 1:00 in the afternoon. 45 employees were at work. three firefighters were hurt but not seriously. authorities tell us -- told us it appeared an employee cleaning out a bin marked flames. solano countyhams reported no -- aren'ted no smoke-related injuries. environment health supports -- authorities checked storm drains and the department of public health is equating the fallout effects of this fire from a -- as a wall fire or grass fire at this point. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. well, the search for the people who opened fire on an east bay regional police officer could pick up today.
8:06 am
they moved in near morago yesterday morning. they looked for any kine -- they also looked for any signs of marijuana growth. police reopened the park trails but they are now analyzing video shot by a helicopter in order to determine what's next. the america's cup is running to some rough watersers, the bay citizen reports regulators are refusing to issue person mits for the sailing regatta in san francisco. some species grow up to ten feet long and endanger native kelp. 8:06. well, residents in san francisco's tenderloin district claim one particular bus shelter is a magnet for crime. they say the current three- sided -- three-sided shelter at turk and hyde street allows criminals too hide what they are doing. they held a meeting right here. muni says they want too replace that shelter with one that's
8:07 am
more open like the new shelters on market street. >> 2 would -- it would seem that -- it's better useful to customers and actually deserves a lot of activity. >> interesting. almost everybody in the audience agreed they would rather have no shelter at all. however, transit officials say getting rid of the whole shelter would create a hardship for senior citizens. they also said if that doesn't help they would consider taking down the shelter. the last time we checked with in sal he was watching that accident in oakland. it was with a motorcycle. what's it looking like now? >> well, it's still clear, -- there. 880 northbound as you come up to the oakland col low see yu. there is a crash blocking the two lanes. things have not changed as
8:08 am
much. traffic is really bad coming -- bad much. southbound on left, you can see if you are drying to get to hegenberger road, you will be slowing down to look at this crash on 880. we want you to know that you should not use 880. i think you should try to use 580 if you can. or if you are just going a short distance and you are a local, use the side roads, international boulevard, et cetera. let's take a look at some other things. i wanted to show you there's a crash on the peninsula, southbound 101 at university avenue. traffic southbound is slowing from menlo park so if you drive let's say to mountain view or palo alto, you might want to pull out 2le 0 -- 280 instead of 101 as we move down to the south bay. a lot of red on our maps. in fact,less take a quick look at 280 from our camera. you can see that the road sensors are wait. a lot of stop and go traffic all the way up to cupertino.
8:09 am
>> great tweets coming in. sp weather in you -- if you haveny information, william out in vallejo, fog there. two reports of fog from napa valley chick. that's what she calls herself. and i will show you right here on the stormtracker2, not showing any rain but showing the fock. and ann up in sebossty cal you -- sebastopol. and very little in the east bay. it's very shallow, very thick in spots and there's not much of a sea breeze. all right some 60s here. we bolted out of the gate. we've a front runner for the some temperatures. inland temperatures are up -- are up. that translates into the inlaid garryas, the the 60s, 70s.
8:10 am
the key is up at the -- system it drops in goes away drops in, goes away. this is not one where we get it site on top of us. it's not that kind of a scenario. it's where the inland temperature the which have been running to near average or slightly above. so that means os and 90s but still 60s and 70s. more of a july pattern. some thick fog out there. once that burns off, we're going to -- good to go for sunshine. clearlake might hit 100. we went 95 today, same for ukiah. petaluma, 84. novato 85. vallejo 84. probably closer to hidden brook. 7 as on the coast. there's too -- there's too
8:11 am
much. 90 danil --en -- dash danville. morning fog not going anywhere, it will hang around for a while. but inland temperatures will come out and top out friday and take us into the weekend. 8:11. with her words convince him to do it? what senator diane stein fine is -- feinstein is telling ed lee to do but will he do it?
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
it's 58 in corte madera, and fairfax. once the fog burns off, it will be sunny. 8:14. today in afghanistan, the mayor of kandahar was killed in a suicide bomb attack. the bomber hid the bomb inside his turban, then set it off inside city aols hall where the mayor was at a meeting. this comes just days after
8:15 am
president hamid karzai's half brother was killed, also in kandahar. the taliban said they committed both of those attacks. the state department issues a tral warning for americans -- travel warning for americans saying al qaeda is planning attacks against u.s. interests all over the world. the u.s. says the death of osama bin laden has raised the risk for anti-violence all over the world. they say the attacks could be in the forms, suicide bombs, kidnappings, and hijackings. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with why they are delaying a vote planned for today. >> reporter: claudine, that's right. house republican leaders just wrapped up a closed-door meeting at the capitol that was reportedly very tense. they were dealing with a setback with just six days to go before the u.s. reaches its debt ceiling and faces default for the first time in history. now, house speaker john boehner is being forced to rewrite his
8:16 am
plan after nonpartisan congressional number crunchers found it does not produce the deficit savings the speaker promised. he's vowing to make more cuts. president obama is already threatening a veto and much mcconnell says both sides need to get serious about striking a deal. >> i'm prepared to accept something less than public. >> reporter: meanwhile, phone and e-mail systems have been overloaded with people weighing in on the debate. at one point yesterday, the capitol was receiving 40,000 calls an hour, twice as many as normal. reporting live from alison burns, kut -- ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can learn more at more pressure this morning for interim mayor ed lee to run
8:17 am
for a four-year term. "the chronicle" reports that feinstein is joining lee to fight the race. there have been a number of other groups urging lee to run but finally -- the filing deadline is august 12th. but the paper reports that lee could have a decision within days. california's permanent vote by mail system will no longer be paid for by the state. but election officials in most counties say they are gonna keep the system in place because this helped spread out the cast because some ballot counting can be done even before election day. well, critics of california's new history law hope voters will help yorn turn it. governor brown signed sb-48 earlier this month but the mandate to teach students doesn't take effect until the
8:18 am
school year. a judge in florida is keeping the names of the jurors in the casey anthony murder trial sealed until at least october. the judge made na decision yesterday saying there needs to be a cooling off period first. he says there have been threats made against the jury. he's worried about the well being. the judge says he will keep the name sealed until october 25th or after that. 17 of the jurors including five alternates were on the jury. three have already identified themselves. the requirement to post calorie counts on menus is changing people's eating habits. according to a journal, 2001 in six are noticing the event and buying foods with fewer calories. this is the first study to show a change in people's eating habits since the law went into effect in that state in 2008. here in california, that same law started in january. in the next couple of years you may not be able to get a
8:19 am
ford car with a cd player. ford eliminating the players from -- players from the focus model. instead, they are only gonna have digital music ports. that will give people more access to their complete music selection. all right. :18. dash 8:18. they survived a disaster the tiny creatures and survival. good morning. we still have a problem on interstate 880. you can see it right there in your live picture. it's backing traffic up into san leandro. another live report with the latest coming up.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
welcome back. 8:21. parts of south korea devastated by heavy rains and severe landslides. at least 32 deaths are already reported because of scenes like this, including ten college students out there doing volunteer work. the landslides and the rivers are moving fast. they sound like explosions. about 15 inches of rain came down in just 17 hours. 8:22. japan's fukushima nuclear plant was named one of the most dangerous in the world for radiation exposure years before it was damaged by the earthquake and tsunami.
8:23 am
documents on the plant show it was rated the most dangerous in japan for workers exposed to radiation between we and 2008. it also ranked as one of the top five nuclear plants in the world. bacteria is being credited for keeping two goldfish arrive for 135 days with no food. the two live in the lobby ofant accounting firm in christchurch. they lived without food until the earthquake hit in february. workers found the wish alive when they were found -- when they were alive in the building. >> wow. sal, do we still have the problem on 880? >> yeah. there's a crash -- in fact, in the last few minutes, they just cleared it -- cleared it. i was just about to tell you that the two left lanes are
8:24 am
blocked. that is great news. we saw it here right now. traffic is recovering, though, from san leandro and hayward. i would still recommend staying off 880 if you can avoid it for a few minutes. although now that the crash has gone, it will make a huge improvement. 237, you can see some stop- and-go traffic here driving down to the valley -- or into the valley. speaking of that. southbound 101 at university avenue, the crash that was there has been moved to the shoulder as we -- so we have better news as well. there is a new crash, southbound 101, at highway 92 in san mateo. let's go to steve. great suites -- tweets coming in. reports on the fog, also maybe a couple of pockets of drizzle. but also sunshine and temperatures, they are going to get warmer pretty fast but the fog has come down on the deck. high pressure is putting its foot down. already 64 in fairfield. they do have a hint of a west-
8:25 am
southwest wind but really there's not much of a breeze at all. a slight component of the north, that -- that n-5, that sounds like a freeway system. that's in say. there's been one at the airport. there's a little hint of it there. after the system in the pacific decided to move out, that's allowed the high to build in. that's mainly for inland areas. some tropical clouds, if you are heading to the sierra or southern california, you might want to keep an eye on the sky for some of those tropical clouds. i don't think they will make it here. but warmer weather will. temperatures will be warmed -- temperatures will be warm to hot. if you have the fog. it will burn off. and when it's this shallow, that's a sign that it won't last long. 80s, mid-90s for some inland. we keep it there, the weekend looks sunny, warm to hot inland, nice to $by the -- nice
8:26 am
to cool by the coast. 8:25. a west virginia public school is now closed after methamphetamine was found in the building. now, on monday, police said traces of the drug were found in the air ducts, the principal's office, the hallways and buildings. they say the drugs were found while investigating a teach who said he smoked meth with the principal. right now, police say they don't believe the school was being used to make the methamphetamine. tomorrow, the board of the b sky b will meet for the first time since news corp phone scandal. this meeting is crucial to james murdoch. he's the coo and the chairman of the b sky b. he was the one who attempted to orchestrate the takeover. there's questions whether james murdoch will remain chairman of b sky b. a bay area dog run over by
8:27 am
a car. why the dog's owner is the one in trouble. how much it's gonna take for an east bay animal shelter to stay open past 30 days. also, a new development tied to that fatal police shooting in san francisco's bayview district involving the -- involves the brother of the victim.
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. an east bay animal shelter that's been around for a long time may possibly close soon. ktvu's kraig debro is live now in pleasanton with the desperate efforts to save the home of the valley humane society. kraig? >> reporter: good morning, dave. it takes about a half million dollars a year to keep the
8:30 am
valley mew main society up and running. right now any are asking for more than $100,000 to keep this facility open for the next 30 days. the sheryl does not open for the next couple of hours. but if they don't get the money they want or need it may be one of the last days it opens here, at least. in the morning, the cats meow expecting breakfast. it will be one of their last in this building if the center doesn't meet a deadline because they are nearly out of money. get this -- the building just opened a month ago. >> we got to this situation because of the increase of animals and the decrease of donations. it's still a tough time for everybody. but that also means a lot of the animals need home. >> reporter: the facility was built with the money left by the society of one of the
8:31 am
founders. the shelter says -- says the same conditions that created the bargain to be able to build here is now threatening their survival, the economy. if they close the building -- if it has to be closed, the animals will be taken in by other animal rescue shelters and would not have to be euthanized. reporting live in pleasanton, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. 8:30. police are investigating a violent attack on a 13-year-old boy in san jose who was simply out walking his dog. it happened late monday afternoon and erikson park in the southern part of the city that neighbors say is usually considered safe. the boy told his father he maid eye contact with a driver of a green car. the next thing he knew, two people approached him and asked him if he was in a gang. the boy answered no but the suspect started punching him and stabbing him. police have three suspects in custody, including a 19-year- old and two juveniles. the boy is suffering injuries to both kidneys but is
8:32 am
recovering. 8:31. in overnight news, oakland police investigating two separate shootings about a mile and a half apart. one happened around 1:00 this morning. a man was shot in the head near 47th and san leandro streets. he was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the other shooting happened about 11:00 last night at east 10th street and portwood avenue. now, we have very few details but the police believe the female victim was an innocent bystander. we have no word on her condition. so far noests in either shooting. the store -- so far no arrests in either shooting. i'm sure you remember this man, kenneth harding. he died earlier this month in the bayview district after police said they a tried to stop -- they tried to stop him for not paying the fare on police say he fired the gun first and died by his own bullet. at the time he was wanted in seattle in the person of
8:33 am
interest in the murder of a 19- year-old girl. now we're hearing that harding's 21-year-old brother, andrel, is also wanted by investigators in seattle for the murder of a 50-year-old man last saturday. an attorney says the brother is expected to surrender to police soon. vallejo's police department will receive some much-needed money. last night the city council unanimously accepted a grant from kaiser foundation hospital. that money will go to recruit to higher an extra police officer and the grant may lead to federal money. an east palo alto man is facing assault charges after police say he attacked a driver who ran over his dog. police say the driver hit the dog on south may feel avenue and then drove away. the dog's owner, the 20-year- old, ran after him and caught um with him at a stop sign. police say he then smashed the window open, opened the car door, pummed the driver in the street and started punching
8:34 am
him. the dog was not on the leash and had run into the street. louise claims the driver was speeding but the driver -- police claim the driver was speeding but the driver was not arrested. a federal judge in washington has thrown out a lawsuit against the obama administration. the government will now continue funding a wide range of stem cell projects. the plaintiffs argue the white house violated a law prohibiting taxpayer funding for work that harms and embryo. scientists hope those cells can be to cure spinal cord injuries and other diseases, like parkinson's. there is a new poll out that shows economic satisfaction among the people of california is based on location. the new poll shows the people who live on the coast are happier with the economy than those who live further inland. in san francisco, 56% of people believe the job market will get better in the next year
8:35 am
compared to 48% in sacramento. overall, eight in ten californians consider themselves successful. 65% expect their financial situation to get better in the next 12 months. sales of scooters are getting better as the price of gasoline goes up. sales of the scooters jumped 37% between january and may. that's according to the motorcycle industry council. a lot of those scooters get up to 100 miles a to the gallon. -- miles to the gallon. red light cameras, people here you still have to pay up. the camera used in l.a. and san francisco are operated by american traffic solutions. in l.a. the tickets are being thrown out because judges just don't enforce the fines. but that's not the case here, where every case of red light running is revied by police and turned over to the court. >> the courts handle the fines
8:36 am
and we're reimbursed for -- we get a portion of every citation written through the -- through the courts. california park officials are encouraging people to vote for their favorite parks. now, participants can use a national, state and local park in coca-cola's america's park campaign. if you want to, you can submit your vote at the livemoisture tiff -- live website. we'll -- website. we'll have more at our website at let's go to sal and take a look at the peninsula. >> yeah, the peninsula is has become a little bit of ugly on the 101. we've had a few different
8:37 am
crasheses there. and then 101 on the connector to westbound -- or -- let me start again. 92 westbound connector to 101 north. so if you are driving let's say out -- you're driving from the san mateo bridge, you want to get onto northbound 101, there is a crash there. it's not as serious as thought. 280 is a much better bet. a couple of fender-benders on the way. you need -- that's what you need to know if you need extra time there. and a couple of fender-benders concord and walnut creek, you are leaving concord, you need an extra few minute to get that done. >> let's go out to the san mateo bridge. that traffic looks okay as you drive across the bridge. and if -- dash this morning if you are driving on northbound 280 in san jose. that traffic is busy as well. let's go to steve. thanks, sal. some more thick fog.
8:38 am
a couple of days i mentioned when the fog makes it out to sacramento that's probably a good sign they have made it there. the coast, still kind of stuck in 60s and 70s. inland is warming up. more in the way of patchy fog right now. sunny and warmer for inland areas. thick fog for tomorrow morning. mostly sunny, warm to hot as we head into the weekend. if you work outside or if you are just curious, there are forecast models that show cooler next week. the first week of august is looking cooler. some low and mid 60s. again, once the fog gets out of here. a little mist and drizzle being reported in napa but -- but i don't think that will last long. there is a little hint of an offshore development. everyone on the coast has to deal with the nothing first and then there's always pockets of microclimates that get that
8:39 am
sun, some of the tropical clouds coming around the high may filter in the next few days. but for us, i don't think this will be a factor. if you already have the stun, you know it's getting warm to hot. it's been a while since we've had this pattern, since the 4th of july. a long stretch there. 80s for tomorrow. 70s for others closer to the bay -- closer to the bay. but mid-90s who are far away from the fog influence. and the sea breeze has been cut in laugh -- half. most locations are calm. upper 80s, low 90s. 1 milpitas -- 81 milpitas. woodside, 84. warmer weather inland takes us into friday and then we keep it clear for the weekend. all right. time now is 8:39. the fate of a former santa clara police officer charged with conspiracy is in the hands of a jury this morning. deliberations began this
8:40 am
morning in the trial of clay rojas. he's accused of giving confidential information to the hell's angels to pay off a debt. he faces a dozen criminal counts. he was on the santa clara police force for five years before he was arrested. the man who accused the exotic erotic ball is facing felony charges this morning, accuser -- accused of writing bad checks. prosecutors say he wrote more than $10,000 worth of bad checks to cover expenses apartment the exotic erotic ball. he's now facing charges of grand theft. he's out on bail. he's due in court next month. a missile is destroyed by the u.s. military moments after it blasts off. plus -- do you see anything unusual about a grapevine? that one. some people say looking at that plant brings new meaning to the old -- well, seeing is believing.
8:41 am
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free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters. all right. let's take a look at your numbers. the dow is down 95 points. things are not looking good this morning because of the
8:44 am
debt ceiling. but a good bright spot dunkin' donuts, up 40% right now. 8:43. let's bring you up to date on some of the top stories we're following for you right now -- the chp reopened the 29th avenue offramp of interstate 880 in oakland. it was closed -- it bass closed -- it was closed most of the morning because of an early- morning police chase. police investigation continues. this morning there's still a couple hot spots from that huge fire in fairfield. for several hours, residents living near the plant were told to stay indoors and day stay -- and stay away from dangerous air. and john boehner postponed the vote on his debt ceiling plan to change it from today to tomorrow. this is after the congressional budget office of that plan
8:45 am
doesn't save as much thought and ds say the plan doesn't -- and democrats say it doesn't stand a chance. around 10:30 last night, two armored vehicles monned in an raided a home -- moved in and raided a home at 9th. we -- 98th avenue. we know officers were executing a search warrant but no word on who or what they were looking for. a mountain lion is reportedly on the loose. official says it killed several sheep and votes. they examenned the remains yesterday. they are also staying just in case you come face to face with a mountain lion, face the mountain lion, make a lot of noise and try to look walker than it by waving your arms. a u.s. counterterrorism expert is saying -- that organization is saying they are
8:46 am
convinced that al qaeda is on the attack. the offshoot in yemen, it's viewed is a bigger threat than their traditional -- traditional threat's long the pakistan/afghanistan border. the u.s. has destroyed vehicle upon take it. this is last month. there it is. they defected a flight anomaly and determined the flight for safety reasons. today's task was determined to examine the capability. parts of the train station in oslo, in other wordsway are open after a -- in norway is now open after the bag found there was examined and deemed
8:47 am
harmless. [ sound of gunfire ] the investigation into that bombing and shoot something now focusing on a farm used by the alleged gunman. just hours ago, investigators used a controlled explosion to detonate a device found at that farm. police say he used the location to carmer and -- cover and buy fertilizer for bombs he had ordered. he had ordered 6 tons of fertilizer. they say what they found at the farm is critical to determine if there is another bomb that has not been discovered. >> the amount that we think was used in the explosion and what's left, this is something that the investigation is must -- must look into also. yesterday, police began releasing the names of the people who died in last week's massacre. a 43-year-old woman from denmark is the first confirmed foreign death.
8:48 am
8:47. here at home, one of the police officers involved in that recent fatal shooting at san francisco's civic center b.a.r.t. station may soon become an fbi agent. b.a.r.t. released video of what happened that day. this was earlier this month. officers james crowell was one of two officers who confronted a homeless man. investigators say the officers were forced to shoot, the man threatened them with a knife. chronicle reports the fbi has already -- "the chronicle" "reports that the fbi has already hired him. two neighbors in martinez credited for saving a nan a burning house. the two -- a man in a burning house. the two quickly ran over, broke the door down and pummed the man from -- pummed the man from safety. he was trying to get out of there but he collapsed before he reached the front door. firefighters believe the man may have fallen asleep while smoking in bed.
8:49 am
in the los angeles suburb of glendale, a man is receiving psychiatric help after he tried to take out a painful hernia himself. he used a 6-inch butter knife and when paramedics arrived, he took out the knife he had in the pound, and when they got there, he took out the knife and took a cigarette and stuck it in the wound. a man was working with a cement mixer and his hand got stuck. he was taken to a local hospital where one of his fingers and farther of -- and part of another were amputated. the nonprofit group bay area derby girls, or bad girls, lost all of their financial reserves. two skaters had thousands of dollars in cash when any were robbed by gunman -- when they were robbed by a gunman at their home in san francisco.
8:50 am
the league is run on donations. they will be doing a tour next month. police say -- this may be the man -- police say this may be the man who stole a car with items instead ofsh -- inside of it. it's a silver hyundai so na toe with 6 scc 487 license plate number. inside the car were bats, and balls and a jersey autographed. ground ball alvarez coming home and -- not in time! >> scored on the fielder's choice to give the braves' the 4-3 win. that came in the bottom of the 19th inning. it was the longest game in the history of atlanta's turner
8:51 am
field. the marathon game ended in controversy when the replay showed the umpire may have blown the cullen florida -- blown the call on that final out. take a look at this. some people say this is a different i.v -- say this is a divine image in a very unlikely place. this is video of a power pole in littleton, comes. one man said he noticed it because it looks like jesus on the cross. now people are swarming there because they want to get a look at it for themselves. the man who mosted it on the internet said the response has been huge. a big battle against a huge wildfire. the latest numbers from the firelines in few things to keep in mind.
8:52 am
8:53 am
know the name of your medicine, how much you should take and when, and how it can affect the other medicines you're taking, including your birth control. ask your doctor to explain any side effects
8:54 am
like headache, upset stomach, weight gain, or dizziness. work with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist to make a plan to use your medicines safely. for more information on diabetes medicines go to f-d-a dot gov slash womens diabetes. ground crews are battling high humidity as they try to put out this wildfire in san diego county. this one is burning on the los coyotes indian reservation. six firefighters were treated for injuries, mostly for heat exhaustion. the fire is only 45% contained. 8:54. tonight representatives of the lawrence berkeley laboratory will appear at a public meeting in oakland to discuss the proposal to locate the lab's second campus on the oakland
8:55 am
water front. jean quan visited the waterfront website yesterday with the developer. the so-called brooklyn basin near fifth street is one of six east bay sites under consideration by the lab. the lab is holing -- holding public meetings in each of the cities. :4. state supreme court making it ease your for california --:54. the state supreme court is maying it easier for california taxpayers to get money back. this new rule may not affect san francisco. the city has its own rules for tax refund claims and class- action lawsuits are prohibited. the federal government is warning microsoft, apple, google, other technology companies, to protect consumer privacy or face regulation. the warning comes after a
8:56 am
recent survey shows even when consumers ask not to be tracked by online advertisers. that request is only honored half of the type. the federal trade commission is proposed putting in a do-not track list, similar to the do- not call list. this morning an electronic billboard is working normally after being vandalized. early sunday morning, a motorist called 911 after seeing a four-letter expletive flashing across the screen. civic center officials say someone broke into the building and hacked into the computer program that puts messages on the board. they suspect it's the work of teenagers. muni is going to host a meeting tonight on next year's partial closer of the n-judah line. it will be closed for track repairs and other renovations along karl street. the $18 million project will begin in february and tonight's meeting will take place at the park branch library at 6:00 p.m.
8:57 am
hey, sal, you have everything under control by now. i wish i could get the muni street cars under control. that's one of the most -- one of the most complaints i get. the cars to run. i can't do it but we're asking muni to do it all of the time. let's take a look at 237 as you drive 880, you can see traffic is going to be slow. remember yesterday, we had a horrible commute. today, much better 101 getting there is gonna be slow. let's take a look at 80 northbound. we -- 880 northbound. we had some problems earlier. traffic lidgeers n walnut creek/concord, still -- traffic lingers. in walnut creek/concord, it's slow. and both steve and are on twitter. go to to find us. let's go to steve. that's correct. very good information. good weather information on twitter. thanks to each and every one of
8:58 am
you, good reports of fog and mist and sunshine. the warmer weather is starting to kick in for inland areas. i think as this pattern works in -- moves in we'll keep it there. the first ak -- the first week of august is looking cooler. we're getting close to 100 out toll -- out to the valley. not here. not here. >> okay. thanks, steve. that's gonna did to -- do it for "mornings on 2." thanks for waking up with us this morning. >> bye now. pushup ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] because you never stop
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